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Try our red, white and blue kiffles(strawberry,  blueberry and white chocolate drizzle). 

About Us


Our Story

 Aunt Wendy's Kiffles is owned and operated by Wendy Stehly and has been making wonderful kiffles for 15 years with the same recipe that has been in her family for three generations. We roll our kiffles by hand, fresh daily, with love and laughter! We are dedicated to bringing you all the deliciousness that we grew up enjoying during the holidays. Best of all, you can enjoy this wonderful pastry all year round. Please visit Monday through Friday to watch the kiffle making process first hand! 

Kiffles are an Eastern European Pastry of dough rolled paper thin by hand and filled with assorted fillings. A properly made kiffle is an incredibly light, flaky and buttery indulgence-a cross between cookie and pastry. Its origin has been traced back to the Austro-Hungarian empire. It was brought to the Lehigh Valley by Eastern European and Slavic immigrants around the turn of the twentieth century. 


Handcrafted Goods

We work with local suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. Our goal is to make your tastebuds happy!


Open Floor Concept

Come experience how this amazing Hungarian pastry is made. 

How we make our delicious Kiffles

Ball Rolling

Ball Rolling

Ball Rolling


We lovingly make each kiffle by hand. We begin by preparing our family recipe dough and rolling it into small balls(thousands and thousands). 

Making Discs

Ball Rolling

Ball Rolling


Then, each ball is rolled into a paper thin disk. 


Ball Rolling

Prepare Trays for Baking


A small dollop of fruit filling is placed on each disk and rolled into a delicious kiffle. Ready for Baking!

Prepare Trays for Baking

Prepare Trays for Baking

Prepare Trays for Baking


Once rolled, the kiffles are placed on a tray and placed in the oven for baking. 

Staging after Baked

Prepare Trays for Baking

Staging after Baked


After being baked with love, the kiffles are placed in racks to cool.


Prepare Trays for Baking

Staging after Baked


Last but not least, the kiffles are ready for you to enjoy!

Say Hello to our Oldest Customer!

Jesse Madura

104 YEARS Young!

Jesse may not be a fan of having her picture taken, but she does love Aunt Wendy's Kiffles!